Czeching out Prague

Regan and I took the weekend to travel to Prague! I was so excited to go after hearing so many wonderful things about the city. Germany had a national holiday that Thursday, so we were able to leave mid-day Thursday and make the most of our long weekend. We stayed at Post Hostel Prague and it was just the cutest! I was very impressed with their cleanliness, friendly staff, and the cute little curtain on our bunk beds. Highly recommend!

On Friday, we set out to explore the city. Prague is so much smaller than Berlin, the huge city that we have grown accustomed to traveling through. This was a nice change because we could walk to all of the places that we wanted to look at, and there was so much to see along the way!

Our first stop was the Old Town Square. However, as you can see from my pictures, Prague was incredibly crowded and definitely made me feel like a tourist. In this sense, the size of Berlin is nice because it is less densely crowded and we rarely run into huge crowds. Regardless, it was beautiful!


Next, we crossed Charle’s Bridge, which is one of the defining marks of Prague – I have to say it was a little underwhelming but the view was awesome!

Another defining part of Prague is the John Lennon wall. He had a huge impact on the young people of Prague during the communist era, when his music was forbidden. After his death, the wall was used to memorialize him as people painted quotes as well as their hopes and dreams. During that time, the wall was always painted clean yet the paintings would reappear the next day. Regan and I left our own little marks.

We had dinner at a restaurant near a folk festival and had some Czech food!

The next morning, we were ready to start exploring again. The weather was beautiful!

We started the day by heading to huge park on the outskirts of Prague. It was a climb uphill but we found a great lookout point where we rested.

Afterwards, we made our way towards the castle! All the streets are so fascinating and different than any city that I’ve visited before.IMG_3532

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the castle…

Afterwards, we took a few pictures in the pretty light! I had such a great time in Prague and am really glad I took the opportunity to go! You don’t see a city like that very often.





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