Hiking through the Black Forest

On Sunday, we hiked through the Black Forest to the top of a mountain. Regan, Janka, 2 of her friends, and I hiked uphill for about 4 hours (and l mean uphill). Though I was very sore the next day, the incredible view was so worth it. Pictures can’t do it justice. This first picture was where we started (go bikers).


We also repped our schools during this hike:)


We climbed up a cliff and I was mesmerized by this view. Little did I know that this was only half way up the mountain!


We kept climbing & was surprised that google maps had a very intricate path laid out for us- even though it looked like a tractor had just plowed it. Once we got to the top it was so so worth it. At the top of the mountain, there was a huge lookout tower (Shauinslandturm) that we climbed up. It truly felt like you were on top of the world. I could see Switzerland, France, and even the Alps.ย I was truly blown away by nature and God’s creations. Just look at this view!


I have about a million pictures so I will just post some of my favorites!

Afterwards, we rode down the mountain in a cable car.

I had such a great day! The view was incredible, I could have honestly stayed up there all day. I wish we had mountains like that back home, but I guess I will just have to return to Germany!;)



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