Freiburg with my Sister

My sister left to study abroad in Freiburg last August and I hadn’t seen her since. Needless to say, I was SO excited for my trip to Freiburg. I flew into Basel (thanks easyjet), then took a Flixbus to Freiburg, where she was waiting for me. Freiburg is located on the southern border of Germany, very close to France and Switzerland.


The next morning we set out to explore the city. First, we came across a market in the main square. There were so many people and different items to choose from.

The streets of the city were so quaint and beautiful. My sister also loves to take pictures- most of the ones of me this weekend were taken by her. You can find her pictures here!

Freiburg is located in the heart of the mountains of southern Germany. The scenery was extraordinary! I can see why Janka loves living there so much. We climbed up to a look out point where you could see the entire city.


Afterwards, we went back into the city for lunch.


We wrapped up the day with some pictures during sunset. I love these of Janka!

The next day we headed to the Black Forest for a hike so check out my next blog post for that!


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